Crisi climàtica global

Expos/Projeccions L'Argèntica / 31 octubre, 2023
  • DATES: del 2 al 16.11.2023
  • LLOC: Nau Bostik
  • ADREÇA: Ferran Turné, 1-11. La Sagrera – 08027 Barcelona
  • HORARI: de 10 a 15 h i de 16 a 18 h.
  • INAUGURACIÓ: dijous 2 de novembre de 2023, a les 18 h.
  • PRODUCCIÓ: Territorios Libres
  • HO RECOMANA: ssad L’Argèntica

  • TEMA:

“Llevo 25 años siendo testigo directo de la crisis climática de la que tanto se habla. Lo he sido en los siete continentes y en más de 105 países. Cargo con un cuarto de siglo de oír hablar de emisiones, contaminación, energías renovables, aumento de temperaturas, plásticos y de aquel término ya olvidado: ozono. Este proyecto, The Melting Age, es un intento humilde de representación de ese testimonio. Es como la liberación inútil de una pesada carga; como si identificar al asesino fuera a devolverle la vida a la víctima.”

fragment de l’article The Melting Age. Crisis Climática Global d’Alfons Rodríguez (UPIFC) publicat el 18.05.23 a FronteraD revista digital

The Melting Age és un projecte expositiu en diferents formats que pot ser sol·licitat per entitats públiques o privades per a la seva exhibició temporal. Més informació:

L’autor ALFONS RODRÍGUEZ MOLINA és un fotògraf compromès amb les causes humanístiques, socials i ambientals del temps que ens ha tocat viure; així com també amb l’entorn immediat de la seva professió: afiliat al Sindicat de la Imatge UPIFC des del 28·12·1999  amb carnet de prensa núm. 9912024, ha estat membre de la Comissió de Garanties d’aquest sindicat en el període 2007 -2016.

Currículum professional (font: )

Based in Spain and France.
​Freelance  contributor for international media. 

During the last 30 years, Alfons has been travelling across  105 countries, reporting from Iraq conflict, North Korea, Jaffna war, the Potosi Mines, San Pedro Penitenciary or Choquequirao Citadel. Other works covered leprosy, an intense gaze into the bowels of Mumbai, the war in DR Congo, the social truth in South Africa and the genocide of Srebrenica in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
To highlight is the documentary project: The Third Rider, a deep insight on starvation and undernutrition around the world. Besides, he is working on  the genocides of the XX century and on the Global Warming topic. Beyond these topics, has been documenting the ebola consequences,  RASD, the exiliated state of the saharawis and the social situation in Belarus, together with Boko Haram conflict in Africa  or  emigrants from Africa and their stories before crossing the desert among many other stories.

His last documentary film, The Sleeping Land (, it’ s an ode to the land and people from Siberia and the Russian Far East. His latest  work it ‘ s call Indestructibles, and explore the African childhood in deep (

His topics are mainly based in documentary and social ranges. Anthropology and archeologicals expeditions are among the stories he wants to tell too. Alfons sees his work as the way to live and a true spiritual exercise. Photography became the tool to express in a tangible way his gaze and his perception of existence.

His work have been published in several international media, including for example, Vice, the National Geographic Magazine in Spain, Italy and Portugal, Le Monde Diplomatique, Der Spiegel, La Repubblica, Vogue, Geo, Traveler CN, Life Force, The Courrier, Doc! Photo Magazine, Slobodna, La Vie, The Moments Count Journal, National Geographic History USA, El Mundo, La Vanguardia, El País, The British Journal of Photography, El Periódico, Lens New York Times, 5W Magazine, Gatopardo, Jot Down, Black Star News and Yo Dona among others.

“Walata and Tichitt, heart and soul of the Mauritanian desert”, “Figuig, Memories of an oasis”, “Congo, the ethernal War”, “Between Gazes” , “The Third Rider” and “SDAR The State of the Saharawis” and Indestructibles are among the books he have published. His work has been exhibited in Spain, United States, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mauritania, Morocco,  Mexico, Italy and Senegal.

Alfons teaches photojournalism in private schools and Universities in several countries. He cofounded and launched several projects, such as GEA PHOTOWORDS and Caja Azul Photography, belongs to Reporters sans Frontières and UPIFC, and was part of the international network of voluntary photographers Shoot4Change.

​He has collaborated with United Nations, UNICEF, UNHCR, Médecins Sans Frontières, Action Contre la Faim, Mon-3, OXFAM, European Observatory on Memories and other international organizations and NGOs.

The awards he received include a mention in the REVELA Oleiros award, the Spain National Social Reportage Award, a mention in the XIV International Award of Medicus Mundi Luís Valtueña and the Prix Pont in Ars to his career. In 2011 he received one of the most important Spanish awards: the International Godó Award of Photojournalism.

His work The Third Rider has been recognized with a diploma on merit awarded by Felipe VI. Catalonian Culture department of Generalitat considers him as one of the most prominent catalans photojournalists at present. In 2015 received a Honorable mention in The International ETTL Photo Awards organized by The Open Society Initiative for West Africa for his work on the ebola consequences. His film The Sleeping Land has been included in the official selection of the 2018 International DOK Leipzig Festival, one of the oldest and prestigious festivals in the world on documentary cinema, that qualify for the Oscar’s Academy. In 2019 The Sleeping Land photo version received a Honorable Mention on the ASPAwards from Sardinia (Italy) and, on the other hand,  the film it’s included on the GuideDoc platform for awarded documentary films. His feature film Indestructibles has been released in the International Malaga Film Festival 25ªEd.

In 2020 his project Indestructibles it’s been shortlisted in the Fetisov Journalism Awards in the category Outstanding Investigative Reporting with a story about child soldiers in RD Congo, made together with Xavier Aldekoa. Also in 2020 the series of articles published in La Vanguardia about the stories belong to Indestructibles has been shortlisted in the noteworthyTrue Story Awards.

In 2021 Indestructibles it’s published in National Geographic Magazine and the reportage had been recognized with the III  Prize Saliou Traore for african coverage, awarded by Casa Africa Spain and EFE. In 2021 Indestructibles it’s shortlisted in the Fetisov Journalism Awards for second year in a row in the category Contribution to Civil Rights. The featured documentary Indestructibles has been selected in several film festivals around the world, and became winner: Best featured documentary, at the Terra Gollut International Film Festival in 2022.

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