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Collective exhibition of the trade union Sindicat de la Imatge UPIFC, from February 12 to April 24, 2019, at Gardens of Palau Robert (Information Center of Catalonia) in Barcelona.

DATES: from February 12 to April 24, 2019
ACCESS:  free

Tuesday, February 12, 2019, at 1:00 p.m.

will intervene:

  • Miquel Buch i Moya, Minister of the Interior of the Government of Catalonia
  • Pere Monés, general secretary of the union
  • Roser Vilallonga, photographer (UPIFC)
  • from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Sundays and holidays, from 9 a.m to 2:30 p.m.
CONTACT / MORE INFORMATION : Palau Robert. Information Center of Catalonia


At ten to five in the afternoon, on the 17th of August 2017, a white van violently bursts onto the central walk of the Rambla in Barcelona, from carrer Pelai , and charges into everything it fnds in its path, until it comes to a standstill at Joan Miró’s Mosaic. The terrorist attack, claimed by the Islamic State (ISIS) continued, in a drawn-out epilogue in the near-by city of Cambrils. The summer holiday season of 2017 was dyed in blood and mourning forever.

The citizen’s immediate reaction was to become actively involved in the rejection of fanatical violence, defending peaceful coexistence against an increase in racist behaviour. In this way, the Rambla spontaneously became a constant and popular offering to the sixteen dead and the one hundred injured in the terrorist attack, in an exemplary and doubtlessly democratic reply, that left an indelible print on shared memories.

This report tells the story of what occurred on that tragic day, and the days that followed, as seen through the eyes of twenty-four photojournalists who are members of the Union of Image Professionals, UPIFC.

Many graphic reporters are quite used to illustrating conflicts in places geographically removed from their own. This time, however, they are documenting tragedy in their home country, where emotional ties are manifold. The location is not unfamiliar; on the contrary: it is their own territory. The Rambla is the most iconic street in the city, and the Boqueria its’ most famous market; the Catalunya and Liceu metro stations are the most used, and Ciutat Vella, the old part of town, is the centre of the city’s everyday activity. The dramatic event is experienced through feelings of helplessness, tension, fear, sadness, and much pain.

This exhibition, held in the Gardens of Palau Robert, is an adaptation of the number 66 edition of ‘L’Agenda de la Imatge’ (The Image Diary), under the title “BCN.DOL L’ATEMPTAT 17.08.2017” (“Barcelona in pain and mourning, the attack 17.08.2017”; ‘dol’ has the same meaning for both words). Twenty-one men and three women contributed their images to the magazine, which the Union of Image Professionals UPIFC published as a homage to the victims and citizens of the terrorist attack.
Photographers: Alberto Tallón, Àngel García, Charlie Pérez, Cristóbal Castro, Dani Codina, Dolors Gibert, Ferran Nadeu, Ismaël Guye, Jordi Boixareu, Jordi Borrás, Jordi Gratacós, Josep Lluís Vecino, Lluís Salom, Manuel Mora, Marc Sanye, Mario Cerqueira, Paco Luís del Pino, Patricia Bobillo, Roser Vilallonga, Santiago Cogolludo, Ulisses Salom, Vicenç Forner and Xavier Subías.

Paulina Flores

Secretary of Publications / Editor of the L’A


The van that perpetrated the terrorist attack ends its murderous journey at Miro’s mosaic, in front of the Boqueria Market. Police and public services rush to the place of the attack. The anti-terrorist protocol is activated. Barcelona’s city centre is cordoned-off. / Barcelona, August 17, 2017 © FERRAN NADEU -UPIFC-

The perpetrator of the attack ran away by foot, through the Boqueria Market. A police offcer traces the Hospital Street, just a few meters away from the Rambla. / Barcelona, August 17, 2017 © JORDI BORRÀS –UPIFC-

Tourists take refuge in the inside of a hotel on Sant Pau Street, moments after the attack on the Rambla. / Barcelona, August 17, 2017 © FERRAN NADEU –UPIFC-

A Police offcer informs local merchants on Hospital Street that they should stay indoors for safety reasons. / Barcelona, August 17, 2017 © JORDI BORRÀS – UPIFC –

Law-enforcement offcers and emergency services evacuate people from the immediate area surrounding the Rambla. A woman is taken to a security zone moments after the attempt. / Barcelona, August 17, 2017 © JOSEP LLUÍS VECINO – UPIFC –

45 minutes after the van has run-over a large number of people, police guards evacuate a group of people from the cordoned-off area. / Barcelona, August 17, 2017 © ÀNGEL GARCIA – UPIFC –

Hours later, investigators continue to work in the cordoned-off area. / Barcelona, August 17, 2017 © FERRAN NADEU – UPIFC –

The Police offcer’s head-in-command, Josep Lluís Trapero, holds a press conference in front of the security deployment, with the Interior and Justice Counsellors, Joaquim Forn, and Carles Mundó. Major Trapero informs on the identity of the van’s driver, Younes Abouyaaqoub, who perpetrated the deathly attack, as well as other terrorists’ identities. / Barcelona, August 21, 2017 © ÀNGEL GARCIA – UPIFC –

The city tries to recover its usual pace the day after the attempt. A man practices sport amongst the tight police deployment. / Barcelona, August 18, 2017 © ÀNGEL GARCIA – UPIFC –

The days following the attack, the Rambla is bursting with people who are paying homage to the victims. The floral offerings are spontaneous, and the words ‘We are not afraid’, written in many languages, overwhelm the. / Barcelona, August 19, 2017 © JOSEP LLUÍS VECINO – UPIFC –

In the heart of Barcelona, citizens give all their support in homage to the dead and injured in the terrorist attac. / Barcelona, August 18, 2017 © ROSER VILALLONGA – UPIFC –

One of the city’s offerings that are dedicated to Pau Pérez. Younes Abouyaaqoub, the driver of the van that perpetrated the attack in the centre of town, later assassinated Pau in the University Zone in order to rob his car and run away from the city; later, he also ran over a Police offcer at a Police control. / Barcelona, August 24, 2017 © DANI CODINA – UPIFC –

View of the pedestrian zone of the Rambla a day after the attack. The affluence of people who are paying homage to the victims of the tragedy is massive. The Rambla spontaneously flls up with altars. / Barcelona, August 18, 2017 © ROSER VILALLONGA – UPIFC –

All the members of the Catalan Parliament applaud after reading a joint declaration, made by all the different parliamentary groups, condemning the brutal attacks committed in Barcelona and Cambrils. / Barcelona, August 25, 2017 © JORDI BORRÀS – UPIFC –

In ‘Plaça Catalunya’, a woman embraces a member of the Muslim community who expresses her rejection of the previous day’s attempts. From the very frst moment, the Muslim community condemned the terrorist attack on Barcelona, vindicated by the State of Islam (ISIS). / Barcelona, August 18, 2017 © JORDI BORRÀS – UPIFC –

The mother and father of Xavi, the three-year-old boy that died in the attack on the Rambla, embrace Driss Salym, the new substitute Imam for Rubí’s mosque, during an act held in front of the city’s Town Hall. / Rubí, August 24, 2017 © ALBERTO TALLÓN – UPIFC –

Days after the attempt, people and police offcers are still visibly emotional when they pass through the Rambla. Citizens thank the police force and emergency services. / Barcelona, August 19, 2017 © CHARLIE PÉREZ – UPIFC –

A woman holds a sign that claims “We are not afraid”, after a demonstration in which over half a million people participated to show their revolt against the attacks perpetrated in the Rambla in Barcelona and the city of Cambrils. / Barcelona, August 26, 2017 © JORDI BOIXAREU – UPIFC –

On the 26th of August, a massive demonstration was held against terror and the attempts on the Rambla and Cambrils. Heading the demonstration were representatives of Catalunya, the Spanish State and the King of Spain. / Barcelona, August 26, 2017 © JORDI BORRÀS – UPIFC –

Days after the attack, the number of memorials and candles persist, and grow, on the Rambla. / Barcelona, August 23, 2017 © ROSER VILALLONGA – UPIFC –

A municipal technician retrieves, from Miró’s mosaic, the last object from that memorial for the attack’s victims. The technicians document the 131 memorials situated along the Rambla carefully, in a craftsman’s manner. / Barcelona, August 28, 2017 © ÀNGEL GARCIA – UPIFC –

Full report (L’A66 1/2018) HERE

L’A Redacció / February 9, 2019

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